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161.4 and I still don't have the guts to text him. Maybe when I'm lighter?

Haha right. Like that will really help. He can't see me over text messages... How would losing weight help anything? How come I feel like it could solve everything?

New Goal Stats:
AGE: 20
HT: 5'
HW: 205
CW: 161.4
BMI: 31.5
UGW: 100
GW1: 160 Christmas
GW2: 155 1/15
GW3: 149 2/27

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OMG, my highest weight is so close to yours too, 206. And my weight now is around there too, I'm 160.6 and I can't seem to break it AAARRRGHH. I want to be 159.something by Christmas morning, I will be so happy.
But yeah, I thought it was neat how our stats are so similar :)Except I have you by five inches. (5'5")

Stay strong, we can do this :)

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