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I'm going out of control.
I'm stubborn,
I'm childish,
and I'm broken.

And I'm now 168.2.
How the hell did this happen?  I was losing so fast..
Well, maybe i binged, but how could I gain like 6 lbs in 3 days?  how is that even possible???  I'm hoping to use this binge to speed up my metabolism..  I'm thinking that I'll get all of this eating out of my system over Christmas.. and then once the leftovers are all gone, maybe I'll start a liquid fast.  Yes.  My first liquid fast... 
Well here is my plan .   I'm coming up with it on a whim, so it might not work... and I probably won't stay with it.. but here is my plan...

Day 1-5:: "Health Fast"
Only foods I can eat are rice, fish, vegetables, fruit, and Light Italian Dressing.
Only drinks allowed are water and 0 calorie beverages.

Day 6:: "Binge Day"
Any foods allowed...  Any amounts, go crazy.

Day 7:: "Liquid Fast"
Only liquids allowed.  No calorie restrictions....  Broths, juices, tea, sodas, coffees, etc. are all game.

So that's a 1 week plan.  Not sure how much I can drop on that, but hoping for 5 lbs.  That's the goal... Only 5 lbs.  The plan is to fuck with my metabolism..  Drop some weight eating healthy and maybe slow it down a little, then shock it with a binge and speed it up, and then just when i have it all revved up, to start a liquid fast.. Hoping to burn as much as possible that way... idk.  We'll see how it works if I go through with it... 



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