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1180. 165.6
I got all the way to 162 before the holidays, and now I'm at my *new* low of 165.6...  Sucks.
Like when I was down around 140 and then slipped back up.
But only 1180 Calories today.

Looking at University.  Trying to get my life on track....  Some of it anyway.
Taking care of my son, splitting with my husband, attending a University, and I haven't held a job like ever.  Well when I was 16 I worked in a grocery store for a month.  And when I was 18 I worked in a call center for maybe two or three months, but I haven't held a job long term.
IDK what I'm gonna do.
And he's stupid thinking he's gonna support me when I leave and plus another girl and her son and plus his mom and siblings...  all on less than $2000/month.
Yeah.  Good luck with that.  I don't want his stupid handouts.  Just what I'm entitled to TYVM.


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