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Writer's Block: An intimate portrait
If someone wrote a book about your life, what would it be called?

"Elegantly Insignificant"
Because it's beautiful to be a speck in the Universe, dying for knowledge of the Universe, dying for understanding of the man-made reality, and dying to become immortal, but slowly someday dying nonetheless.
Like an hourglass, and Her sand is x as a variable to an equation; an unknown and unmeasurable x.
Everyone is unique.  Everyone is different.  But She cannot wrap her head around anything average because the larger picture is far too large to be seen, made of thing far too small to be understood, but the explanation is...
So Simple...
It's just waiting there.
And it's Her ultimate purpose.
The answer is just waiting there, on the tip of Her tongue, and though Her words will be savored, they are savored by tiny minds.  They are passed from speck to speck and they will die, but Her purpose is fulfilled.

Just to know.

I could cease to exist.  I could pass the information through the Universe, but I need to know.
I cannot die without the last piece of the puzzle.  And I will be the architect of that piece....
Although the puzzle will remain;
Elegantly Insignificant.


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