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It's strange to feel like you're gaining and losing someone both at the same time...

newest pic updates today at 162 lbs

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Pleasantly surprised at my weight this morning at 165.8! :D

Yesterday I had an omelette with corn, onions, cheese, and veggie bacon..
Some lettuce with turkey salad...
And dinner was cranberry sauce, corn, and green beans.
Approx 1121 calories..

So I guess I'm starting a new week now!

Day 1: 1121
Weight: 169

Day 2: (none yet)
Weight: 165.8

anyone reading who wants to add me
don't be afraid. You don't have to comment or whatever. and don't get upset if I don't accept your right away... I'm not very observant... But I will accept pretty much anyone.. I just keep most of my entries friend's only to avoid friends and family reading it... it's not their business lol.


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No more than 7400 cals
in any week.
Over by 1000 or more cals
results in punishment
of 1 day liquid fast
and double workout.
Over by under 1000 cals
results in punishment
of 1 day no more than 800

My goal is, hopefully,
to deficit about 8000
calories a week.
This should lose me
2-3 pounds a week; which
will get me to 150 lbs
by January 1st.
And then past that,
to 140 lbs by February.
113 by my 21st birthday (4-23-10).

::Week 1::

Day 1:
Weight: 170

Day 2:
Weight: 169

Day 3:
Weight: 168.6

Day 4: 1025
Weight: 168.2

Update stats
Highest Weight = 200+
Lowest Weight = 142
Current Weight = 171.4
Goal 1 to weigh= 155
Ultimate Goal = 113

Lbs to go to Goal 1= -16.4
       Lbs lost toward=-8.6

Lbs to go to lowest= -29.4

Lbs to go to ultimate goal= -58.4

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Things I'd like to do before I die:

Go to LA *
Go to Vancouver *
Go to Mexico*
Go to Japan
Learn Japanese
Become fluent in Spanish*
Go to Arizona*
Go to a rave*
Get high*
Get my license*
Get a hybrid car*
Record an album of songs*
Publish a book
Publish a poem*
Go to University*
Get to 113 lbs*
Look hot in a bikini*
Get my lip pierced*
Be truly in love*
Watch my son graduate
Be able to run a mile*
Get a good paying job*

* - I want to do this before I'm 30

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Took a break yesterday to let my body get used to the sudden workout.  Now I'm kind of sore.  :o)
Back to it today!

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40 crunches
90 leg lifts
40 reverse crunches

First Workout Day
Crunches: 50
Leg lifts: 80
Reverse crunches: 30

Increase by 10 each day so tomorrow's goal is

60 crunches
90 leg lifts (45 each side)
40 reverse crunches

I have to add some upper body workout into this too,  I'm thinking about adding pushups in next week or this week if/when I get the chance tomorrow.
And adding in Power Yoga (30 minutes per day, and increase by 10 minutes each week) next week or so.

Still haven't started my diet.  I'm thinking of starting that after the holidays.  My new year's resolution will be to lose 50 lbs this year.

I'm going to start minor calorie restriction, though.  I'll start trying to restrict about 500/day.  So that's an approx 1500 Cal a day diet.


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